Have You Seen The Own-Label Tesco Finest* Valentine's Day Packaging?

Have You Seen The Own-Label Tesco Finest* Valentine's Day Packaging?

💕 Love is in the Air! 💕

Planning a romantic night in this evening? The Finest* Valentine’s ‘Menu for Two’ range is the perfect partner!

The enticing three-course Finest* Valentine’s ‘Menu for Two’ is a seasonal offering, perfect for the romantic occasion and is additional to the all-year-round Tesco Finest* meal deal. Meal options include an indulgent Lobster Mac and Cheese, a creamy Chicken in Champagne Sauce and a rich vegan Chocolate Brownie Heart.

Here are a selection of our favourite shots and a sample of the delicious products in the range.

P&W have been working on the design implementation of the newest incarnation of the Tesco Finest* design since 2017. This has involved taking the initial strategy and guidelines and bringing the design to life across the diverse Finest* range (P&W have worked on over 800 SKU’s!) One aspect of P&W’s involvement in the project is assisting with the art direction of photographic shoots, for the mouth-watering food photography featured on-pack. Food photography is one of the most important aspects of Finest* packs. It is vital that the great products are represented in their best light, to assist customers in making an informed choice in-store.

P&W work very closely on this process with the talented creative food photographer James Murphy (whom we have worked with on various projects for over 20 years!). At his central London studio, using the photography brief created, James’ experienced team meticulously create the photographic sets. They consider many factors, including the lighting, the appropriate background and the best camera angle. Tesco Finest* products are exceptional, so James’ food stylist simply cooks the dishes and carefully presents them, using suitable props.

Once this preparation stage has been executed, James and P&W work together to tweak and adjust the proposed composition to fit the ‘photographic trace’ provided. You will see in-store that these pack formats vary in dimensions (for example, some products are in round trays, some are in rectangular ones); this all needs to be considered. Once all parties are happy with the positioning, lighting and camera angle, James’ food stylist gives the food one last check to ensure it is represented perfectly before the final shot is captured digitally. Collective careful attention to detail by James’ team, P&W and Tesco ensure Finest* food photography achieved always showcases the food at its best.

The final photography is then processed and placed into a design file by P&W, ready for final art-working. The final stage of the process is that the packaging is carefully printed and everything is delivered to stores ready to be purchased by consumers!

P&W have worked on the Finest* brand since 1998, continually ensuring the brand evolves and excels, maintaining its status. The brand was the first premium own-label retail brand, with a distinctive silver pack architecture, showcasing restaurant-quality foods. The latest incarnation of the Finest* brand harps back to its roots, reintroducing the iconic silver panel to maximise its well-established consumer recognition.

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