Will You Win Money For Charity In Our Creative Christmas Competition?

Will You Win Money For Charity In Our Creative Christmas Competition?

At P&W, we are very excited to share our 2021 Christmas card. This year we are encouraging creativity for charity!


With Christmas being the season for giving, we are encouraging people to ‘chill out’ and take a moment to enter our competition for a chance of winning £200 for their chosen charity. CLICK HERE TO ENTER.


We have posted 200 cards to clients, friends, and family across the globe. Digitally, we have sent an e-card to over 1,200 of our contacts. Our team has also worked hard to share across social media, including with our followers on Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.


Each member of the P&W team has embraced the challenge and created a snowperson. View our online gallery here. Ranging from an Elvis Presley-inspired caricature snowman (complete with a quiff) to a digitally sketched Harry Potter design and a collaged snowman in a snow globe, we’ve kicked off the competition with enthusiasm and ingenuity! We also have ‘Fros-tea’ the snowman, a ‘Slush Puppy’ snow-dog and ‘The Mighty Thor’ complete with Mjölnir (the hammer of the thunder god) and puddle of melted snow.

Artists of all ages and abilities are welcome to join. Click here to view our online gallery: our Senior Account Manager & Designer James Randall’s entry is by his 6-year-old son Harley! Even 2-year-old Millie has submitted a coloured pencil design.

If you'd like to get involved too, CLICK HERE TO ENTER.

Your submission can be whatever you want it to be: abstract, witty, clever, artistic or minimalist. So get your pastels, glitter, crayons, acrylics, or watercolour paints out and share the experience with your friends and family! Or, if you would prefer, get your iPad or laptop out and create a dynamic digital entry.

The challenge is as follows:

 1. Design your snowperson (using whichever media you choose)

 2. Upload your entry to our online gallery

 3. Winner is gifted £200 to their chosen charity 


Perhaps you are an animal lover, want to support children in need, or hope to make life a little easier for our homeless this December? If you are the winner, you are free to select a charity close to your heart, and we will donate £200 in your name.


Our exciting competition ends Friday 17th December, with the winning artist announced on Monday 20th December.



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