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July 2020
Holly Whitefoord
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Looking for the best creative design agency for you?

Are you looking for the right creative design agency to help you with your packaging design and branding needs?

Consumers are savvier than ever, so strong branding and stand-out packaging is essential.

You need it. You want it. How do you get it?

The Issue

The fact you’ve made your way to this blog likely means you are looking for a design agency.

Either you’ve never had one, or you’re looking for a new one. If it’s the latter, it probably means you’re dissatisfied with your current creative agency. Something is wrong with your current relationship.

How, specifically, is it underperforming?

1.     Are their creative ideas and design thinking just not up to standard?

2.     Have their service levels have dropped?

3.     Are they not listening to your feedback?

4.     Did they increase their prices without warning?

5.     Have they lost motivation for your brand?

6.     Are they not tuning in to consumer trends?

Even if just one of the cogs in your brand’s delicate machine is functioning incorrectly, it means you’re not getting the results you need and deserve.

Have you tried to rectify issues in your business relationship, but nothing has worked?

If that’s the case, and you’ve irreparably lost trust in your current design agency, it’s time to rethink.

The Brainteaser- Where Do You Start?

We know your brand is really important to you. We also know that you’re probably a really busy person.

Finding a new design agency can be an extremely time-consuming challenge you just do not need on your already-full plate. It can be daunting.

There are just so many creative agencies out there. There are "top branding firms", "corporate enterprises", "independent creative agencies" and "boutique consultants".

There are some companies right on your doorstep and others are based on the opposite side of the world.

They all claim to be different when in fact most are very similar.

And they all promise THEY are the agency to get the job done.


You’re Googling something like “branding agency”, “corporate branding services” or “packaging design agency London” and hoping for the best. Then scrolling through websites of countless portfolios of packaging design work, sifting through client testimonials, absorbing various approach styles and trying to assimilate all of this knowledge.

What. A. Headache.


Simply put, what you need is a design partner you can rely on, that has experience in your sector, that is great at communicating and collaborating with you, that comes up with innovative packaging ideas that is in touch with current market trends. Some websites can help you to find creative partners.

If you want a hands-on, personal experience, get in touch with P&W today. We are an agency with a proven performance track record.


Over the years, we have worked with clients of all sizes.

From global retailers to start-up food brands. From blue chip companies to online stationery suppliers. From alcohol brand houses to multinational coffee chains. From British toy manufacturers to wealth management firms. From challenger drinks brands to US food-service corporations.


Our portfolio of clients is diverse and varied, and we’re very proud of that.

Our website portfolio is certainly not a definitive compendium of all of our creative design work. If you've viewed our website portfolio, and would like to see more examples relevant to your brand/ needs, just get in touch. We’d love to share them with you!

A Simple, Yet Affective, Approach

Our ethos at P&W, regardless of the size of the company we’re working with, is to create long-standing relationships. It’s rare that we work on just a single project with our clients.


Clients love our collaborative, personal methodology, so they keep coming back. This symbiotic relationship results in a really positive experience for both parties. It also means we get lots of recommendations, which is very rewarding for us.


So, if you were to take the first step with P&W, what will the design journey look like?


The first step is outlining what your project is and what you want to achieve.


We work to an approach we call Metric IQ. It harnesses a simple 3-point process;

1.     ‘Where you Are’

2.     ‘What You Need’

3.     ‘Where You Want To Be’.

It’s designed to simply encapsulate your commercial targets via; creativity, strategy and focused market research. Before we put pencil to paper, we need to understand all we can about you, your company and your brand.


If you’ve already scrutinised other graphic design agency sites, you’ll see that some can make the design process so complicated. There is so much jargon and so many acronyms, it can be mystifying. And no one wants to be mystified.

What you need is total clarity.


And that’s what makes P&W different. We keep it simple. And through this straightforwardness and honesty, we’ve found clients much prefer our working methodology than that of our competitors.


Regardless of your company size and project type, P&W first ask you to complete our ‘MetricQ&A’ document. This enables us to gain an in-depth understanding of your company ethos, commercial objectives and your design needs.


Our team then assimilates this information and conducts our own analysis and research. This can include: a brand assessment, a detailed appraisal of your biggest competitors and directives as to what needs to evolve, to improve.

In a nutshell, we outline, where your brand is at now, what we think should change and how we would tackle your project. This is phase 1 of Metric IQ: ‘Where You Are’.


Our hope is that we then progress to the next project phase, ‘What You Need’, together. ‘What You Need’ encompasses generating and developing your creative design project.This is our heartland; where we produce innovative design concepts for you.


‘Where You Want To Be’ is the third project phase. Here we evaluate the success of the project including consumer feedback and sales results. We do this before, during and after the product/range has been launched. We also set our future goals for your brand and outline what we can do to help you achieve them.


Hopefully our 100 marketing and design awards prove to you that our simple working process results is creative solutions are commercially successful!

5 Simple Principles

Our design process, since 1987, has been built based on a spirit of collaboration and trust. It is a clarity-focused common-sense, no-nonsense, jargon-free and based on 5 simple principles:

1.     Communication- P&W Partner Connection

Not only will an Account Manager be assigned to your project, but a P&W Partner will too. Both of P&W’s Partners, Simon Pemberton andAdrian Whitefoord, have over 30-years’ experience in the industry.

This ensures your project is in not one, but two pairs of safe, experienced hands at all times. Have a technical question about eco friendly packaging design you want answered by your P&W Partner? All you need to do is pick up the phone or drop an email and they will discuss your creative project with you.


2.     Project Progression- Account Manager Allocation

We always assign an experienced Account Manager to your project, that you can be in touch with at all points.

We ensure they have prior, relevant understanding in leading a project like yours. They fully immerse themselves in comprehending all facets of your brand.

P&W know that having a knowledgeable, responsive point of contact for your design project is essential for smooth project progression.


3.     Clarity of Thought- Lateral Thinking

As a multi award winning agency, we think differently. We’re original thinkers, and proud of it.

We think laterally, “outside of the box”. P&W’s aim is to surprise you and suggest ways of improving your brand that you may never have considered. Our team always produce innovative, creative design solutions that are meticulously crafted.

We ensure our work is never generic; that your design is totally unique and has undeniable stand-out from your competitors.


4.     Synergistic Relationship- Mutual Understanding & Trust

We never dictate, we always collaborate.

We know that YOU are the experts regarding your brand and we want to learn from you. WE have 30-years of design experience to share with you. Together, we produce a design strategy for your brand via spirit of trust and mutual understanding.

We want to discuss your commercial goals to accurately define your creative packaging and design needs.


5.     Transparency- Cost Structure

As with our design process, we make things super simple so you completely understand what your project is going to cost you. Our cost structure empathises with the evolution of your project and is based around trust and great communication.

We can even work to a Cost Matrix, depending on the complexity of your project.

Does this London design agency sound like the creative design partner for you? Get to know us even better by meeting our team!

So are you a new brand that needs the best packaging design solution to differentiate on shelf? Are you a brand house looking for a full service creative agency to revitalise your eclectic portfolio? Are you an established multi-national retailer requiring a new design strategy for your own label design project?

Whatever you need, we’re here to help.


By working with P&W, you are guaranteed an unrivalled creative input, with fastidious attention to detail and a highly professional approach, regardless of the size of your brand.


Pemberton & Whitefoord LLP undertake brand development and creation via all consumer touch-points.

Our range of services includes:

• Strategy & Planning

• Branding

• Packaging design

• Corporate identity design creation

• Guideline creation

• New Product Development (NPD)

• POS and in-store theatre design

• Digital & printed trade adverts

• Brochure & leaflet design

• Exhibition design

• Corporate communications

• Website & app design

If you want to know more and have a project in mind, get in touch today. We are here discuss your brand.


Giving brands a voice, since 1987.

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