We Went To The IFE Exhibition, And Were Blown Away!

We Went To The IFE Exhibition, And Were Blown Away!

This week we visited the International Food & Drink Event held at The Excel centre in London to discover new trends, innovations and standout design. With more consumers shifting toward plant-based and health focussed diets, as well as increasing concerns with the environmental impact of packaging and food waste, here are a few of our highlights:

CanO Water

Whilst attending a debate on packaging waste and sustainability, we sipped water from the Alps through an innovate aluminium can with sliding resealable lid. No need to throw your can away when it's half full - simply reseal it and drink later. Created in response to the damaging environmental impact from plastic bottles, recycle your can and it will be back on the shelf in as little as 6 weeks. A synergised concept with a slick clean design to match its clear conscience.

Reducing Food Waste with Food Minder

Food Minder is a nifty little device that ‘acts as visual aid’ for shelf life to reduce household waste. It can be used - and most importantly reused - to remind us of the expiry dates of food, drink and medicines placed in the fridge. It works as a simple traffic light system (red, amber and green) and blinks to indicate the time left before the item becomes inedible.

Plant Protein Power

With an increasing shift toward plant-based diets, vegan brands were very prominent at the show. A standout was German brand ‘Like Meat’, sustainably made from plants to creating vegan food that ‘matches the quality of meat and results in a firm, delicious and succulent texture. Just like meat!’. Single-minded communication on pack, executed with taste appeal.

UK brand Whole Creations showcased a delicious range of vegan pizzas and ‘Vegan Veggie Bites’, along with a selection of gluten free garlic baguettes, naan bread, cookie dough, desserts and ice creams. They’ve got their finger on the pulse!

Spiritual New Brand! Launches Popped Lotus Seeds Range

New healthy snacks brand on the block, Guruji, pack a punch through flavour and on shelf standout. Boasting a selection of bright coloured packs, their range of natural flavours includes Smoky Thai, Cheesy Vegan, Lightly Salted, and Salt & Cacao. Lotus seeds have been eaten in India and China for centuries due to their nutritional composition. Naturally gluten-free, vegan, low in calories, a source of protein, handmade in the UK and delicious – what more could you want?

Chocolate with Good Intentions?

The range of 3 bars consists of 85% Cacao with added vitamins, energy and protein. Simple information graphics with an almost medicinal feel for an indulgent treat product.

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