We Are So Impressed With Falmouth University's Portfolio Evening

April 2016
Harry Popadich

On Wednesday 20th April, P&W attended Falmouth University’s Portfolio Review evening at RSA Vaults, London.

We attended the show last year and were once again thoroughly impressed with the student’s standard of work. Unfortunately, we were so wrapped up enjoying the work and speaking to the students that we completely forgot to take photos of the event! So, instead of simply sharing photos, we have decided to reveal our top three favourite projects.

Becki Sewell’s Fedrigoni Pick ‘N’ Mix

In order to advertise Fedrigoni’s new ‘Imaginative Papers Shop’ selling single sheets of paper (rather than consumers having to purchase a whole pack), Becki came up with the creative idea of treating the papers as if they were sweets in a pick ‘n’ mix. Becki’s concept sees paper folded into origami ‘sweets’ and a traditional sweet shop, striped paper bag. P&W loved that Becki’s project played on the idea of personalisation, executed in a friendly and well considered way, consistently in-keeping with the sweet shop theme. At P&W we love paper (we’re geeky) and we love that Becki’s project helped project the possibilities of paper to a broader audience.

Rebecca Witt’s Healthy Foodbook

The concept of Rebecca’s book is to encourage children to eat healthily by educating them to understand the ‘heroes’ and ‘villains’ in the food world. We were drawn to Rebecca’s work as soon as we saw the illustrations in her portfolio and ended up spending most of our evening chatting with her! This is work in progress for Rebecca, so we’re excited to see how it ends up.

Daria Martyn’s Ordnance Survey

Daria has reinvented the (previously pretty uninspiring) Ordnance Survey map designs. Daria has bought to life the symbols and icons used in the system, creating different landscapes and landmarks by repeating the symbols to create patterns. She has utilised the original colours chosen when the Ordnance Survey first came to print. Daria’s work has been further strengthened with her clever take on the brand initials, creating a strong brand mark. We really like the outcome Daria has produced and can only imagine how far the idea could be taken beyond the maps!

We were hugely impressed with the standard of work Falmouth University’s third year students produced. With the students achieving 8 D&AD pencils this year, we are excited to share some portfolios with the P&W team who were unable to attend the event. P&W are always interested in offering placements to talented designers; if you would like to enquire about a work placement opportunity at P&W, please email info@p-and-w.com and attach your CV and portfolio. We hope to see many more up-coming graduates at shows over the summer!

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