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1. Introduction

Pemberton & Whitefoord LLP is committed to complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018, once enacted. This privacy policy explains what Information we collect about you and your organisation when you visit this website elect to receive communications from us and engage with our services.

We treat all personal Data we collate with the utmost care and consideration; please read this Privacy Policy in full to ensure you are aware that your personal Data is kept safely, securely, up-to-date and protected, and that you understand how we use it to offer you the best service.

You have the right to unsubscribe from our database by selecting the unsubscribe option at the bottom of any of our communications or by contacting You also have the right to request a copy, update or deletion of your personal Data from Pemberton & Whitefoord LLP.

For more information or to exercise your data protection rights, please contact us via, or 020 7251 9229, or write to us at:

Pemberton & Whitefoord LLP
21 Ivor Place, Marylebone,

2. Pemberton & Whitefoord LLP collects personal information when you:

Visit the Website

  • We track cookies-  Google Analytics (cannot identify recipient).

There is no other data collection from Pemberton & Whitefoord LLP.

Opt-in to receive email communications from Pemberton & Whitefoord LLP.
You have the right to unsubscribe from receiving Pemberton & Whitefoord LLP communications at any time. You also have the right to request a copy, update or deletion of your personal Data. You can do this by contacting the Pemberton & Whitefoord LLP at

Engage with us on our social media channels
We collect publicly available information across our Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter to monitor engagement and identify potential leads.

Newsletters and occasional mailings are made by Pemberton & Whitefoord LLP to contacts who have given their prior consent to it. If you do not wish to continue to receive such mailings or would like to subscribe to them, please contact

3. Data Protection and Privacy

Your personal information (“The Information”), P&W holds relating to you and your company is used exclusively to provide:

  • News: including articles, blogs produced by Pemberton & Whitefoord LLP on industry related topics.

Your details are securely stored on our email and contacts database. Agreeing to personal details being held, consents to the use of those details for the purposes above.

We collect personal information under the following lawful bases:

  • Sharing and promoting our news
  • Marketing purposes (Legitimate Interest – Business to Business Marketing)

IT Companies
We work with businesses that support our websites and other business systems.

Marketing Companies
We work with marketing companies who help us manage our electronic communications with you or carry out surveys on our behalf.

In accordance with the General Data Protection Act (GDPR) and other supporting regulations, we have implemented security policies, rules and technical measures to protect the Data from unauthorised access, improper use or disclosure, unauthorised modification and unlawful destruction or accidental loss.

4. Your Rights

All data collected will be held within the European Union and the European Economic Area or other territory complying with the legal and technical guidelines laid down for handling data by the European Union and will only be used for the specific purpose for which it was sought and to which you consented.

You are entitled to request the following from the Pemberton & Whitefoord LLP, these are called your Data Subject Rights and there is more information on these on the Information Commissioners website

  • Right of access –to request access to your personal information and information about how we process it
  • Right to rectification –to have your personal information corrected if it is inaccurate and to have incomplete personal information completed
  • Right to erasure (also known as the Right to be Forgotten) – to have your personal information erased. Contact us at
  • Right to restriction of processing – to restrict processing of your personal information
  • Right to data portability – to electronically move, copy or transfer your personal information in a standard form
  • Right to object – to object to processing of your personal information
  • Rights with regards to automated individual decision making, including profiling –rights relating to automated decision making, including profiling

We have implemented security policies, rules and technical measures to protect the Data from unauthorised access, improper use or disclosure, unauthorised modification and unlawful destruction or accidental loss.

5. Complaints

Please notify the Pemberton & Whitefoord LLP immediately by emailing the Pemberton & Whitefoord LLP or writing to us at Pemberton & Whitefoord LLP, 21 Ivor Place, Marylebone, London, NW1 6EU if any of your details alter or are incorrect or if you wish to enquire what Information we are holding on you. If you wish us to amend or erase any part of the Information relating to you, we will do so, subject to compliance with any statutory requirements.

You have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office, which regulates the processing of personal data.

6. Copyright and Trademark

The copyright in all content, graphics, tables, images and underlying codes of the Website other than the materials submitted by visitors (“Visitor Materials”), belongs to the Pemberton & Whitefoord LLP and is hereby asserted. The Pemberton & Whitefoord LLP name and logo is a trademark of Pemberton & Whitefoord LLP.

7. Disclaimer

You and Pemberton & Whitefoord LLP will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that the contents of the Website are truthful, accurate and correct, but nothing on the Website shall be considered a representation by Pemberton & Whitefoord LLP and no reliance should be placed upon any information contained on the Website unless it has been confirmed in writing by Pemberton & Whitefoord LLP to be correct.

8. Compliance

All parties are required to comply with UK legislation relating to websites and e-commerce.

9. Unauthorised Use of the Website

The following uses are unauthorised, a breach of these conditions and may be an infringement or even a crime:

(a) Any unauthorised use or copying of our name, trading style, get-up, confidential information or data (being information of a confidential nature the misuse of which will foreseeably damage our business reputation or goodwill) or copyright material.
(b) Unauthorised entry to any non-public part of the Website, including its underlying codes, or into any private computer system of Pemberton & Whitefoord LLP.
(c) Unauthorised copying, downloading or framing of any part of the Website.
(d) Unauthorised covert or overt linking of any part of our Website with another or interception of visitors or potential visitors.
(e) Any action which is intended or has the effect of deceiving or misleading us or third parties, whether for gain or otherwise.

10. Virus Disclaimer

Reasonable steps have been taken to protect this Website by anti-virus software but all visitors are advised to take all necessary steps to ensure that no virus contamination occurs. No responsibility can be accepted for any loss or damage sustained as a consequence of any virus transmission.

11. English law

The Website and its contents are governed by English law.
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