P&W have been involved in marketing campaigns for all flavours and sub-brands of Tetley Tea (a Tata Global Beverages brand) since 2014. P&W creatively assist the household name, which was founded in 1837, in efforts to modernise it in a bid to attract a younger, broader audience whilst protecting its market share.

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Conceptional objective:

In recent years, Tetley Tea has been pushing to modernise itself with NPD and by trialling different packaging design and marketing approaches, including dropping its long-running Tea Folk brand ambassadors to focus on championing quality time with loved ones. P&W have helped the much-loved brand to re-establish itself as category leaders.

Creative response:

P&W has been supporting the Tetley Tea brand for a number of years, including work on printed advertisements, out-of-home marketing, and digital adverts. This applies to a number of its ranges, including the core Tetley Tea brand, as well as its Indulgence, Super Teas, Super Squash and Cold Infusions ranges.

Commercial Conclusion:

In UK convenience and independent grocery stores in 2021, Tetley Tea was the leading brand, with sales of £10.1m. In 2020, Tetley Tea Bags were consumed by an estimated 5.78 million people; ranked second and third were Tetley's One Cup and other herbal, fruit or green Tetley's teas.