Tesco Finest*

Guardianship of the Finest* brand spanning over 20 years, continually ensuring the brand evolves and excels, maintaining its status as the number-one grocery brand in an ever-changing and challenging market.

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Conceptional objective:

In 1998 Tesco unveiled its 3-tier own brand strategy: Good, Better, Best. Although this now seems an accepted norm when shopping UK supermarkets, at the time it was a new and revolutionary concept. The “jewel in the crown” was Finest*, the “Best” positioning. Since its inception P&W has been involved with every phase of its development.

Creative response:

The initial Finest range consisted of around 200 restaurant-quality food products, from ready meals to speciality olive oils. Within a short timeframe, other retailers woke up and realised that Tesco had taken a giant leap forward and they were getting left behind. As a result, Finest was mercilessly copied by competitors. The response from Tesco was, and is to this day, to keep Finest* ahead of the game with constant design evolutions, sometimes subtle and sometimes decisive, but always confident and assured.

Commercial Conclusion:

For the last two decades Finest* has been the UK’s largest grocery brand with a turnover in excess of £1.4 billion. It has defined a new path which elevates own brand beyond commodities and essential purchases to a positioning that is desirable and affordably aspirational.

Helping make Finest*
a £1.4bn brand.

The UK’s largest
grocery brand.