Tesco Finest Packaging Designs showing an overview of the range of work designed by P&W along with Tesco Finest logo

Tesco Finest*

Guardianship of the Finest* brand spanning over 20 years, continually ensuring the brand evolves and excels, maintaining its status as the number-one grocery brand in an ever-changing and challenging market.

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Conceptional objective:

In 1998 Tesco unveiled its 3-tier own brand strategy: Good, Better, Best. Although this now seems an accepted norm when shopping UK supermarkets, at the time it was a new and revolutionary concept. The “jewel in the crown” was Finest*, the “Best” positioning. Since its inception P&W has been involved with every phase of its development.

Creative response:

The initial Finest range consisted of around 200 restaurant-quality food products, from ready meals to speciality olive oils. Within a short timeframe, other retailers woke up and realised that Tesco had taken a giant leap forward and they were getting left behind. As a result, Finest was mercilessly copied by competitors. The response from Tesco was, and is to this day, to keep Finest* ahead of the game with constant design evolutions, sometimes subtle and sometimes decisive, but always confident and assured.

Commercial Conclusion:

For the last two and a half decades Finest* has been the UK’s largest grocery brand with a turnover in excess of £1.4 billion. It has defined a new path which elevates own brand beyond commodities and essential purchases to a positioning that is desirable and affordably aspirational.

Helping make Finest*, UK’s largest grocery retailer, a £1.4bn brand.

Our 25-year relationship with Tesco Finest* has culminated in P&W winning 40 design and brand marketing awards
Tesco Finest Timeline from 1998 to 2024 showing all of the awards that have been won by P&W.
Tesco Finest 1998 - Inception - The Tesco Finest first iteration was designed by P&W in 1998. The packaging design includes Oliver oils, Coq Au Vin and Chicken Casserole.
Tesco Finest 2004 - Enticing Imagery - Daylight photography became the signature styling principle behind the 4th evolution of the Tesco Finest range. The packaging design includes a yogurt range.
Tesco Finest 2007 - Authenticity and Provenance. Authentic recipes have always been an essential means of communication with Tesco Finest* customers. Origin of cuisine creates culinary romance. Packaging Design from different countries. Global cuisine range.
2012 Tesco Finest Coffee Packaging with bespoke illustration. Pushing the boundaries of hand lettering and illustration added a new dynamic to this iteration.
Tesco Finest 2015 - Artisan and Attitude - Undoubtedly the most expansive evolution of Finest* to date, giving broad artistic scope for expression of sub-range personalities. the image includes a range of olive oils.
Tesco Finest 2023 - Continued Journey - After two and a half decades, Finest* remains Tesco’s flagship, bringing a halo to the store for special occasion every day. A true design and retail icon.
A quadrant of images showing Tesco Finest work from over the years designed by P&W. Ranging from Cookies to Tesco Finest XO French Brandy.
A quadrant of images showing Tesco Finest work from over the years designed by P&W. Ranging from French grain vodka to Tesco Finest Granola.