Spirit of Ilmington

The picturesque village of Ilmington, nestled in the heart of the Cotswolds, is home to the “Spirit of Ilmington” brand. P&W created an identity which works across the range of spirits.

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Conceptional objective:

Bill Buckley, a resident of Ilmington, observed that most apples grown in his village were left to rot and so wanted to create a range of alcoholic beverages to utilise the forgotten fruits. P&W were tasked to create a brand solution that built a cohesive identity across the range, resulting in clear recognition and strong shelf impact.

Creative response:

The portfolio consists of five products including an Apple Brandy. As an orchard is the hub of the village of Ilmington and the heart of the brand story, an apple tree became the focal point of the logo design. The meticulously crafted design solution includes bespoke sealing wax on each cap, helping to communicate the authentic batch-production of each bottle. P&W also generated promotional materials for the brand’s website and advertising ventures.

Commercial Conclusion:

The Spirit of Ilmington range can now be found in Fortnum & Mason, various online outlets and at selected pubs, bars and restaurants throughout the UK. P&W is confident the design solution will result in listings at larger stores and major multiples.

A great creative experience, cooperation and inspiring result. Thank you P&W.

Bill Buckley, Owner
Spirit of Ilmington