P&W has been working to develop the potential and enhance the appeal of the UK’s best-selling, best-loved spread since 2012.

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Conceptional objective:

Nutella, the world’s most beloved hazelnut cocoa spread product, has grown to incorporate a selection of sub-brands, including Nutella B-ready, Nutella & Go! and Nutella Plus Cocoa among others. P&W has helped Nutella communicate its values as a brand that can be enjoyed by consumers of all ages as part of a balanced diet.

Creative response:

P&W has a dedicated creative team for Ferrero to ensure efficient account management and design consistency and are instrumental in spreading the joy whether this be via personalised message packs, the Nutella’s ‘Back to School’ or special-addition jars and seasonal campaigns. P&W inventively inject inspiration into the brand’s global strategy.

Commercial Conclusion:

For 9 years, P&W has worked closely with Ferrero’s Nutella team, producing inspired packaging design strategies, advertising materials and social media collateral.