The Loseley ice cream logo that P&W designed for the Beechdean Group. The image includes a washed out sketch of Loseley House with paint stroke overlay background, including the Loseley Ice Cream Logo, a British Original.

Loseley Ice Cream

P&W rebranded the Loseley range of premium ice creams with a humorous family portrait theme.

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Conceptional objective:

P&W was tasked with producing a visual expression of the brand values, without appearing pompous. Its research into the brand’s aristocratic British heritage highlighted its key qualities. The creative strategy was inspired by genuine portraits hung at Loseley House, of dapper and demure gentrified individuals, but with a memorable, idiosyncratic spin.

Creative response:

Each pack features a specially commissioned portrait, painted by a different artist. At first the portraits appear to be Old Masters, but upon closed scrutiny reveal a witty twist; each enigmatic figure is enjoying their ice cream in their own unique (and humorous) way. The quirky approach expands the theme in the form of a back-of-pack soliloquy, as if written by the character. The design won eight international design and marketing awards.

Commercial Conclusion:

P&W helped the brand regain listings in Waitrose and Sainsburys, achieve first-time listings in Tesco and Asda, increase sales at National Trust sites by 24% and increase sales in theatres & cinema chains by 17%.

This image shows a stack of the 5 full ranges of Loseley Ice Cream. Top row is Caramel & Roasted Hazelnut Ice cream, Strawberries & Cream Ice cream. Bottom Row is Double Belgian Chocolate Ice cream, Acacia Honey & Ginger Ice cream and Madagascan Vanilla Ice cream. All tubs with Gold lids are sat on a rich Loseley red background.
The Loseley ice cream logo that P&W designed for the Beechdean Group. The image includes a washed out paint stroke overlay background, including the words Revitalising an Established Brand. This Loseley project was a rebrand.

P&W's creative execution has really set the brand apart visually and embodies all the qualities that the brand represents to the consumer.

Ayesha Shah, Brand Director
Loseley Ice Cream