Wine & Spirits International approached P&W with the task of redesigning and rejuvenating its unique Hapsburg range of absinthe products.

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Conceptional objective:

Absinthe exudes intrigue and romance; in fact it was a companion of many great artists, poets, authors and playwrights. P&W aimed to give the renowned absinthe brand, established in 1999, a broadened appeal via an invigorated approach to its identity and packaging design. P&W wanted to emanate this intrigue whilst providing clarity between the different product types.

Creative response:

The branding and packaging redesign project helps the Hapsburg brand stand out from the crowd with its unique, refined appearance across its different products, including its vibrant flavoured liqueurs and its sophisticated 89.9% proof, super-strength X.C. The inspired approach to rejuvenating absinthe and creating a portfolio of products under Hapsburg, has resulted in a broad appeal for the brand.

Commercial Conclusion:

Today, Hapsburg represents a diverse new generation of absinthe drinkers; from new adopters to aficionados of the beverage. Hapsburg products are now available to purchase online, at duty-free outlets and at bars and clubs across the globe, including: Paraguay, Germany, New Zealand, India and Tokyo.