Fresh & Easy

A unique and progressive retail concept for Tesco’s entry into the North American market that eliminated visual clutter and enhanced shopping experience, resulting in positive competitor differentiation.

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Conceptional objective:

P&W was engaged to create a tailored approach for the US market that empathises with the US consumer needs and shopping styles. The mission was to make Fresh & Easy a friendly ‘Neighborhood Market’ store.

Creative response:

Daring to be different, P&W worked with the Fresh & Easy management team to define positioning, emotional and tangible brand values, store communication and overall brand personality. P&W created a system for packaging that encompassed the brand values and helped consumers with clear language, information hierarchy and visual representation. The result is a cohesive visual glue for the Fresh & Easy brand.

Commercial Conclusion:

At Phase 1, P&W designed over 600 characterful but minimalist SKU’s in 6 months, across 70 product groups including teas, ambient juices and cereals. At Phase 2, 1,400 confident, engaging and brand-aware SKU’s were created in 6 months. At Phase 3, P&W designed ambitious, expansive and consumer-focused sub-brand, pillar brand and seasonal ranges varying from 3 to 150+ SKU’s. 199 Fresh & Easy stores were launched over 6 years and 80% of customers interviewed said the reason they shopped at Fresh & Easy was due to its Own Brand offering. P&W won numerous design awards for the project, including a prestigious DBA which is awarded based upon the commercial effectiveness of the packaging design solution.

22 international design and marketing awards, including a prestigious DBA.

P&W made an invaluable contribution to the development of the Fresh & Easy retail brand strategy. P&W’s conceptual work is outstanding. They always deliver, even when deadlines are extremely challenging.

John Burry, Chief Customer Officer
Fresh & Easy