Ferrero Rocher

For over a decade, P&W has been the driving force behind Ferrero Rocher's brand success. Our unwavering commitment to excellence spans packaging design solutions, point-of-sale materials, and advertising campaigns, catapulting the Ferrero Rocher brand into a league of its own. This case study explores how P&W has consistently delivered premium seasonal design solutions for Ferrero, enhancing their presence during key gifting occasions such as Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day.

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Conceptional objective:

At P&W, we proactively support Brand Managers overseeing the Ferrero Rocher, Collection and Raffaello. Our primary objective is to boost sales for the Ferrero brands by instilling a sense of indulgence and luxury, making them irresistible choices for gift-giving occasions.

Creative response:

The cornerstone of our success lies in crafting impactful in-store experiences for shoppers, all while adhering to stringent HFSS regulations. Our experienced team consistently conjures dynamic in-store theatre, especially during critical seasons like Easter and Christmas. Moreover, P&W specialises in delivering shelf impact through opulent packaging design solutions, including extending our creativity to Ferrero Rocher Easter eggs. Whether it's captivating animated videos for social media or compelling print campaigns for trade magazines, P&W is Ferrero’s all-encompassing partner for brand support. We’ve aided the Ferrero brand on recent projects to promote its new chocolate bars and ice creams, including the aforementioned support as well as art directing a photoshoot.

Commercial Conclusion:

In the wake of the pandemic, Ferrero Rocher experienced an unprecedented surge in demand for sharing boxes, resulting in a remarkable 24% growth in brand value, soaring to £83.5 million in 2021. Our unwavering partnership with the Ferrero Rocher & Collection team remains resolute, ensuring continued success and growth.