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The Aquarius Vive logo that P&W designed for The Coca-Cola Company. The image includes a green Baobab leaf background that P&W illustrated, including mouth-watering water droplets.


Developing a new brand for The Coca-Cola Company’s 5th largest brand, Aquarius. A refreshing, low-calorie range appealing to a broad, health-conscious demographic.

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Conceptional objective:

A new refreshing low-calorie soft drink with benefits that comes in two flavour varieties; Lemon & Lime and Tropical, Aquarius Vive, to join the rest of the Aquarius family. Initially, Aquarius Vive was to launch as a 330ml can and 1.5l bottle.

Creative response:

P&W worked very closely with Danae Blanco, Senior Brand Manager of Aquarius on every element of the brand launch, including Aquarius Vive’s packaging designs, Aquarius promotional multipacks, POS materials and the brand’s extensive corporate guideline document. The light pack colours indicate that the flavours are subtle and that the number one focus of the brand is on providing hydration, rather than sugary sweet flavouring.

Commercial Conclusion:

P&W worked on every element of the brand, from artworking the baobab leaf background to photographic management for advertising. The refreshing, vibrant colours of the packaging complement the revitalising liquid perfectly. With the Aquarius family already Coca-Cola’s 5th best-selling brand, Aquarius Vive was set to boost volume growth by 8.5% YOY.

Aquarius logo on 2 cans with blue and green background, designed by P&W. Coca-Cola Company.
This image was used in the Aquarius Vive advertising campaign by The Coca-Cola Company. It features friends enjoying Aquarius Vive outside at a picnic and a man hanging upside down from a tree.
This image is a collage of numerous Aquarius Vive images, including a lady enjoying drinking from a can of Aquarius Vive used for the advertising campaign, as well as images of POS units, supermarket advertising boards designed by P&W as well as Aquarius Vive multipacks and the Aquarius Vive guidelines document that we produced in Spanish.
This image featured two large bottles of Aquarius Vive and two 330ml cans of Aquarius Vive. There are Tropical and Lemon & Lime variants in the image. P&W produced the packaging design for the range.
A carefully crafted
baobab leaf background
and colours that complement the revitalising beverage.
This image is of both flavour variants of Aquarius Vive. The can packaging design was produced by P&W for The Coca-Cola Company Iberia.

We engaged with P&W on our new sub-brand, Aquarius Vive. At Aquarius, we take innovation very seriously and we found P&W’s creative contribution via the packaging designs, advertising and comprehensive brand guidelines surpassed our expectations.

Danae Blanco, Senior Brand Manager of Aquarius
The Coca-Cola Company Iberia