A Gold International Visual Identity Award For Our Packaging Design

A Gold International Visual Identity Award For Our Packaging Design

We are very pleased to announce that the brand identity P&W produced for leading Russian company, Nevsky Sugar Petersburg, has just been awarded a prestigious GOLD in the Food & Drinks category.

P&W’s brief from the company’s Commercial Director was to design a new brand of products to help Nevsky dominate the mid-tier sugar market in Russia. P&W were tasked to produce a brand identity and packaging design solutions that worked across varying in packaging formats and substrates, which had to be charming with strong standout against competitors. The solution was required to tap into consumer’s psyches, reminding them of “the sweet innocence of childhood” (as phrased by the client). The brand’s primarily female demographic was identified as aged between 35-45 with their family’s needs considered paramount, particularly responsible sugar consumption.

P&W’s packaging design solutions are vivacious and emotive, capturing the innocent joy of youth to evoke an emotional response from consumers. Charming animal pairings, unique to each product type, inject sentimentality.

The name ЧУТОЧКА translates in English to “a smidgen” and is in-keeping with the brand’s overall identity, also acting as a cue to the portion-controlled options available.

The illustrations are naïve in style, with stitching details. All pack facias feature natural illustrative elements such as flowers, leaves, birds and character interactions. The anthropomorphized characters include: bears, lions, foxes, owls, hippos and a rabbit. Where possible, the packs reveal the product through windows within the characters. Where not, illustrative interpretations of the product and characters interacting were created.

The packs have collectability and are impactful en-masse. Adrian Whitefoord, P&W Partner, commented:

“The range is dynamic and uplifting, tapping into the consumer’s inner child. The design solution is like no other sugar brand in the Russian market; in a store environment, the bright packs stand out decisively from competitor brands. Our intention was to push the design boundaries to create an entirely ownable solution for Nevsky and we’ve certainly achieved this.”

Nevsky's Commercial Director, Natalia Gorshkova, remarked:

We enjoyed interacting with talented managers and designers. All P&W’s processes are aimed at a high result. We are happy to have acquired P&W as a reliable partner. We hope for further fruitful work in solving new tasks.

Take look at the Nevsky Sugar Petersburg brand identity and packaging design project in more detail on our main website.

The IVIA awards is held annually and includes 21 varied categories, ranging from Food & Drink to Telecommunications and Healthcare. Judges this year were from all over the globe and included German Professor of Communication Design at BTK University of Art and Design, Emily Smith and, representing Mexico, Marco Vinicio Garrido-Felic, Professor of Graphic Design at Universidad de Monterrey. Find out more about the IVIA here.

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